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Out There

'Out There' is Leslie Dowdall's second album released in 1998. The album was released under Leslie's own management company,

LD Promotions Ltd, which was set up in 1997. 'Out There' was produced by ex-Fountain Head, Pat O'Donnell, who had also produced Kieran Goss's much acclaimed album "Worse than Pride". It was recorded over a 12 month period in her own studio based in County Wicklow. 'Out There' boasts eleven original songs and a cover of Jimi Hendrix's 'Angel'. Co-writing credit goes to Brendan Murphy of the Four of Us for 'Out There' and '8,000 Miles'. Other musicians appearing on the album include Bill Shanley, Trevor Knight, Wayne Sheehy, Tony Molloy, Lloyd Byrne, Jim Sheridan, Steve Belton, Karl Breen. Single releases from this album were 'Freedom', 'Angel' and '8,000 Miles'.

"Outstanding........Leslie Dowdall pushes herself to new levels of power and expression without losing that warm tone that has become her trade mark." - Hotpress Magazine

"'Out There' finally proves that In Tua Nua produced a singer/songwriter with the potential for longevity." - The Irish Times

"Leslie Dowdall has found her artistic niche and 'Out There' yields copious pleasure through its understated genius." - Rock n' Reel

"Refreshingly different in a more laid back acoustic mood, which suits Leslie far better." - The Star

"The 12 track album is full of gems from the title track to the excellent 'Miss You'. Thoroughly recommended." - News of the World

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Track List:
1. Out There
2. Coming Up Roses
3. Secret Garden
4. This Time Next Year
5. 8,000 Miles
6. Freedom
7. Miss You
8. Angel
9. Sun Rays
10. How Can I Tell
11. Sparkle
12. Lift Me Up



No Guilt, No Guile

Leslie's first solo album released in 1997. It features her highly successful single 'Wonderful Thing'. On the album Leslie has featured accompaniment by Ronan

Hardiman, Dave Early, Jimmy Smith ex-Bogie Boys, Graham Henderson, Pat Fitzpatrick and is produced by ex-Waterboy Trevor Hutchinson and Peter McKinney of the Four of Us. There are eight original songs on the album and two covers chosen with a view to fit with the mood and sound of the entire album. They are 'Saturday Night' from Blue Nile and Sly Stone's 'If You Want Me To Stay'. The album was recorded over a six-week period and was released on Solid/Grapevine Records. 'No Guilt, No Guile' has been called one of the muscial hightlights of 1997 and was the best possible introduction to Leslie's solo talent for her fans. In it the vision and ability lying for so long beneath a wall of sound finally comes to the fore. The singles released from the album were 'Wonderful Thing' and 'Everything'.


"This album is certainly a rare gem" - In Dublin Magazine

"The best debut album from a solo artist after leaving an established band since Bjork left the Sugarcubes" - Irish Rock News, London

"If you like the groove of Grace Jones and the seduction of Sade, all with 90's sensibility, then you will love this album and revel in it's open hearted honesty" - Dublin Event Guide

"Leslie Dowdall's long awaited solo album has been more than worth the wait" - RTE Guide

"Excelllent voice, superb production, great album" - Mike Maloney, 2FM

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Track List:
1. Everything
2. Spiral Moon
3. Saturday Night
4. Ride the Storm
5. Wonderful Thing
6. I Can't Take Anymore
7. Torn Inside
8. It's Too Late
9. Deeper/In My Life
10. If You Want Me To Stay
11. Wonderful Thing (Orchestral Version)


Other albums on which Leslie appears

'Solas' - Ronan Hardiman, 1998

'Solas' was Ronan Hardiman's first solo album with Polygram records (now Universal Records).

Fusing together classical, techno and ethnic styles Ronan created a unique sound featuring his virtuoso piano playing as well as the evocative haunting voice of Leslie Dowdall. The album debuted in the US Billboard New Age Top 20 charts and has to date sold over 200,000 copies worldwide continuing to sell strongly.


'Anthem' - Ronan Hardiman, 2000

In 2000 Ronan released his second album 'Anthem'. From Hotpress, 21 Jun 2001, according to Hardiman, Anthem is stronger melodically and has a more distinctively pop outlook than Solas. Leslie Dowdall's

vocals, once again, help create the atmosphere that is fast becoming synonomous to the Hardiman sound. Stand out tracks from the album are Heaven and Anthem. "Dowdall’s contributions are considerable on several tracks, her silken vocals providing a tantalising counterpoint to Hardiman’s softcore backdrop," Hotpress, May 2001.




Celtic Classics & Celtic Classics II (Honest Music)


The first of these albums, 'Celtic Classics', was released in 1995. It was one of the first collaborations between Leslie and Ronan and was recorded under the alias of 'Shannon'. The second album 'Celtic Classics II' released in 1997 continued this collaboration developing both artists styles using some traditional songs such as 'Danny Boy' and 'Amazing Grace'. For more information on these albums and where you can purchase them, please log onto http://www.musicaldiscoveries.com/reviews/ronanh.htm

Forever Celtic



Tracks from Leslie and other artists such as:

1. Still in love with you - Thin Lizzy 2. Deep in your heart - Paul Brady 3. Borderline - Chris De Burgh 4. Ancient rain - Mary Coughlan 5. Gone to Pablo - Luka Bloom 6. Gort na sailean - Tamalin 7. Against the wind - Maire Brennan 8. New grange - Clannad 9. You're in my love - Sinead Lohan 10. Wonderful thing - Leslie Dowdall 11. Song for Ireland - Mary Black 12. Forever frozen - Davy Spillane 13. Place among the stones - Davy Spillane 14. Three babies - Sinead O'Connor 15. Ansacht na nansact - Aoife 16. Parisienne walkways - Gary Moore 17. Lonesome boatman - Fureys 18. Wall of tears - Frances Black 19. Weakness in me - Kieran Goss


The Loving Time



Tracks from Leslie and other artists such as:

The Land of Love - Noel Brazil o To Ramona - Sinéad Lohan o Deep In Your Heart - Paul Brady o All The Lies That You Told Me - Frances Black o Captured - Brian Kennedy o Summer Sent You - Mary Black o Reach Out (I'll Be There) - Kieran Goss o Wonderful Thing - Leslie Dowdall o Helpless Heart - Paul Brady o Send Him A Letter - Frances Black o Forgiveness - Brian Kennedy o You're In My Love - Sinéad Lohan o Farewell To The Bad Times - Noel Brazil o The Loving Time - Mary Black




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